Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Anniversary!

Bud and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Thursday, the 30th. Despite being together for more than 6yrs, we've only officially been legal for 2 yrs! It was an eventful day, even though Bud was gone for most of it. So, I had the 3 youngest kids for the day. Surprisingly, they were well behaved! We even had to pack up, and head out of the house!

Hailey had OM (Odyssey of the Mind) after school, and she had previously volunteered to bring snack. Well, with all the comotion, I forgot to pick anything up to send with her in the morning. So, I had to take the 3 kids with me, go to the store, and then drop stuff off at school for her. Interstingly too, it was my first time driving since Piper was born!

While we were at the store, Macie and I decided to make a cake for dessert. So, we got all the supplies. We dropped the stuff off at Hailey's school, came home and ate lunch, and got Samuel down for his nap. Piper ate, and went down for a nap as well. Macie and I got the cake put together, and in the oven. Macie was so anxious to get the icing on, so that she could decorate it with the sprinkles! She continually asked if it was time to decorate it, from the moment we walked in the door, until it was actually time (time elapsed=3 hours!!). Just as we were getting ready to ice it (after it cooled) - Bud got home. So, we did not get to totally surprise him, but he was still excited for chocolate cake! Macie did the sprinkles, with a little assistance, and here was the end result (dark chocolate fudge cake with chocolate pudding center, and chocolate fudge icing):

We had a nice meatloaf dinner, with mashed potatoes, gravy, and carrots. Very yummy!

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