Saturday, November 8, 2008

Email from Dr. Ponseti

I had emailed Dr. Ponseti last week (he is the "founder" of the preferred method of treatment for clubfoot). I was concerned that Piper's clubfoot was atypical. I am not sure what I was basing this on - except that her feet appeared "shorter" than the other kids' feet. I included a couple pictures for him. He responded yesterday. He said that there is a crease on Piper's left foot on the lateral border (outside of the foot) that reflects that her foot is overabducted (turned out too far). This was a concern that I had, before he even said it. I told Bud the morning of the tenotomy that I "did not like the shape of her foot." The inside edge of her foot was almost curved. If you look closely at some of the pictures below, you can also see the crease on the outside of the right foot that reflects that overabduction as well. Dr. P. said in the email that these should be corrected before the tenotomy.

So, after getting the email, I of course was a bit freaked out, and quite honestly sick to my stomach. Piper HAD the tenotomy. This email did not reach me in time! So, after a suggestion by another clubfoot mommy (thanks, Jenny!) I called Dr. P's office in Iowa, and spoke with his nurse (I believe) Maria. She explained that there is not really anything to do now. But, we need to look for those creases when the casts come of in 2 weeks. We need to mention them to the doctor when the casts come off. Maria said that we are more than welcome to come to Iowa for another opinion. I explained that was not really an option, but that we would consider Philly Shriners, if need be. She said that Dr. VanBosse in Philly comes highly recommended and that would be another option for us. Maria said that if we do not feel good about her feet, then we should take her to Philly.

We are going to leave that option open. I just do not want her feet to be "messed up" by less than optimum treatment. It's just scary.

I have put too much trust in these doctors. I told Bud a few weeks ago that I just have this gut feeling that it will not be done in December. That she will not go into her braces at that time. It's just a gut feeling, but after hearing that her feet were not in the right position prior to the tenotomy, it's just making that gut feeling more of a reality.

Only time will tell...

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Danielle said...

I saw your post on the yahoo group. My son is just a few days older than your baby, born with RCF.

Your daughter is beautiful! Good luck in your treatment. I'm grateful for the yahoo group and having those resources to turn to when I have questions and concerns. They've been so helpful. I'm sure everything will turn out fine with Piper, but I hope you find the answers and reassurance you need.